What is Google Marketing Innovation Keynote: “Google’s Marketing Innovation Keynote is the marketing conference where Google provides marketers with the latest features and innovation brought to their entire Marketing platform.”

The more recent Marketing Innovation Keynote highlights were related to new Youtube advertising updates, new smart bidding strategies, machine learning-based features, new audience targeting tools as well as Google Shopping updates.

Youtube Advertising Updates

Last year, Google announced they launched TrueView for Reach and TrueView for Action features, which helps businesses and advertisers create Youtube Ads based on their objective, namely awareness and conversions, respectively. While TrueView for Reach helps you get your brand in front of millions of Youtube watchers, TrueView for Action allows you to direct your Youtube advertising to people very likely to take action on your website.

A call-to-action button will also be displayed during and after the Youtube Ad finishes. At the same time, Google announced that for those advertisers who want to increase the brand consideration, Youtube now introduced a new bidding strategy called Maximize lift. Based on machine learning, this Maximize lift bidding strategy will help advertisers reach people who are more likely to consider your brand after seeing your ads.

Responsive Search Ads

Today, advertisers can create responsive search ads within the Google Ads interface, a new features brought by Google few months ago which allows you to instantly create very relevant ads to your campaigns. Using machine learning, this type of ads will help you gain time and spend less effort on creating your campaigns. These ads will also help you combine multiple headlines and descriptions which better suits your objectives.

Landing Page Speed score was also recently added within Google Ads report columns. Since speed is one of the most important factors (not only SEO-wise, but also PPC-wide), this will give you an idea of what can be improved on your campaigns.

Smart Campaigns

Google announced some months ago that creating campaigns now can only last few minutes. Based on machine learning, smart campaigns will help Google (not you 🙂 ) create instant ads while crawling your website. More precisely, Google uses sample ads that makes them unique for your campaign, which means that they are more likely to be relevant to the content on your website than if you would do it manually.

Auto-optimized landing pages is also a brand new feature in Google Ads and this new update will see Google automatically generating relevant landing pages based on your Google MyBusiness profile.

Automatic Feeds

Until months ago, if you wanted to create a Google Shopping campaign, you were asked to upload a feed into your Google Merchant account so that Google can use your inventory to create Google Shopping campaigns. Well, now that’s past! Google announced they are now able to create the feeds automatically based on your markup content on the website.

Bumper Machine

In this article I explained how the bumper machine ads works on video ads. Shortly put, it is today that Google will be able to automatically create video ads based on a given gallery. Within minutes, Bumper Machine is able to create a couple of video ads, 6-second long each.

Custom Audiences

This year, Google announced a brand new audience type that combines the old custom intent and custom affinity audiences, simply called Custom Audiences. This update will help you create custom list of audiences based on keywords, websites, apps. Based on custom audiences, you will be able to target the right people for your business, products or services.

Assign Goals Based On Campaign Objective

This new feature was long expected by advertisers around the world. In the past, if you were to create separate campaigns targeting specific goals, Google would only use all Goals created or imported in Google Ads interface. It is today that you can assign each Goal to the correspondent campaign (let’s say calls assigned to Leads-focused campaigns and purchases on Sales-focused campaigns).