Google Ads is the best way to start your PPC strategy in order to target your business audience and to achieve your overall online marketing goals.


Bing is the second search engine in Switzerland by market share. Considering a PPC strategy using Bing Ads can reach unique customers for your business.


Find more refined audience using Facebook Ads. The most important social media platform in the world may be a very good way of reaching your audience.


Extend your PPC strategy by reaching LinkedIn audiences. Target your customers based on industry, position titles, skills and many other characteristics.


Google covers more than 92% of search engine share market in Switzerland, followed by Bing with more than 4% and Yahoo! with nearly 2%*, while Facebook reaches more than 4,000,000 Swiss users**.

*According to Statcounter.com 

**According to Statista.com  

Google Ads

My vast experience in Google’s most important marketing platform will help you set, manage and achieve your online marketing objectives. I’ve been managing Google Ads campaigns for various types of businesses, including eCommerce websites, local businesses, hotels & banking. I also hold Google Search Advertising, Google Display Advertising and Google Analytics certifications.

Bing Ads

Bing search engine covers over 4% of search engine market share in Switzerland and its onlime marketing platform Bing Ads remains a very important channel where you may promote your business and find new customers. Bing search engine increases its traffic every year, and considering a PPC strategy on Bing Ads can only be of great help for your online business.

Facebook Ads

A good social media strategy will help you get in touch with people interested in topics related to your business but which you never reached. The number of Facebook users in Switzerland overcame the 4,000,000 milestone in 2017 and is expected to continually increase the following years. Given this huge marketing potential, Facebook Ads will help you get in touch with people and reach more refined audiences.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn remains the best platform for a B2B marketing strategy. Adapt your digital marketing based on customers’ profession, position and even their skills. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to both create very granular audiences, and promote not only your services, but also your ‘rocking’ content. LinkedIn gathers 380 million business professionals world wide, so why not start targeting your customers right now?