Bing Ads

Want to start a new Bing Ads strategy? Feel free to apply for one of the Bing Ads offers below and I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Define Target Market

Make sure the Bing Ads strategy intersects with your customers.

Responsive Ads

All Bing Ads campaigns will include Ads adapted to any type of device.


Result reporting and analysis will help you make better decisions.

Plans and Pricing

Depending on the time spent creating and managing your Bing Ads campaigns, prices may vary between CHF 900 and CHF 2100 per month. Not sure which one of the offers below best suits your needs? No problem. Feel free to contact me for a free estimate or ask any kind of information.

*Project based pricing – CHF 100 / hour. In case the Bing Ads pricing packages above don’t serve your needs, you may also opt for project-based pricing or ask a personalized pricing here.  

Starting Your Bing Ads Strategy

Key steps of a successful Bing Ads campaign strategy

Goals. Just like in any PPC strategy case, starting the Bing Ads PPC plan with goal defining, be it awareness, leads or remarketing, is crucial.


Although Bing only covers around 4% of Switzerland’s SE market share, new audiences can be reached using this channel. Given that Windows PCs come with Bing SE as default, your customers may be using it on daily basis.

Market research. Starting the market research with Bing’s specific tools can be of great help in achieving your business online marketing goals.


Thus, extending the keyword list using Bing Ads Intelligence & Research Keywords tools or going even deeper using Bing’s Campaign Planner, you can set up the perfect plan for your online strategy.

Know your audience. Bing Network audience spends 24 percent more online than average internet searchers, according to studies.


This means that the more money your audience has, the more chances to sell your products and services. Also, creating a persona of your customer can lead to better results for your online business.