LinkedIn Ads

Want to start a new LinkedIn advertising strategy? Feel free to apply for one of the LinkedIn Ads offers below and I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Define Target Market

Make sure the LinkedIn Ads strategy intersects with your customers.

Responsive Ads

All LinkedIn Ads campaigns will include Ads adapted to any type of device.


Result reporting and analysis will help you make better decisions.

Plans and Pricing

Depending on the time spent creating and managing your LinkedIn Ads campaigns, prices may vary between CHF 900 and CHF 2100 per month. Not sure which one of the offers below best suits your needs? No problem. Feel free to contact me for a free estimate or ask any kind of information.

*Project based pricing – CHF 100 / hour. In case the LinkedIn Ads pricing packages above don’t serve your needs, you may also opt for project-based pricing or ask a personalized pricing here.

Starting Your LinkedIn Strategy

Key steps of a successful LinkedIn campaign strategy

Goals. Connect to the world’s largets business professional platform and start advertising on LinkedIn. But before that, determine your goals.


LinkedIn allows you to target audiences based on industry, job titles, position, your customers skills by using one of the three options: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Text Ads.

Market research. Before setting up your LinkedIn campaigns, make sure you already have a deep knowledge and understanding of your market.


Think of what makes your business unique among your competitors and promote your original service / product to all your potential customers using LinkedIn granular audiences.

Know your audience. Now that you determined your goals and have a good knowledge of your market, it’s time to create your customer persona.


Narrow your LinkedIn audiences so that they fit your objectives. Take advantage of all LinkedIn targeting characteristics, including people’s job titles, skills, location, gender, etc.